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Annabel Lee
George Higham

George Higham brings Edgar Allan Poe's final poem of love, death and obsession to life with stop-motion animation, using 16mm film and digital post-production.

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Blood Shot
Dietrich Johnston

Blood Shot is a quirky Action/Horror/Comedy about a Vampire hitman who works for the United States Government; CIA: Vampire Division. A tough Cop pursues, determined to rid the world of this evil blood sucker. When the Vampire is sent on a mission to annihilate a terrorist cell in the city, he must convince the Cop to join him in the fight against the greater evil; a warehouse full of terrorist scum.

Cap'n Violence
Dave Yarovesky

Steven Sheil

The last reel of a lost horror film. An experiment in terror.

Day to Night
Mitchell Politeski and Jason Carter

The sun is disappearing as a barren field stretches to infinity - threatening to swallow the desparate figure fleeing from the unknown. The night consumes the only light in the sky as a match strikes - revealing the lone inhabitant of a strange basement. What transpired in the day? What darkness comes at night?

Dialing the Devil
Toon Aerts

Dialing The Devil is a wink at numerous road movies of the seventies like 'Vanishing Point', 'Duel', 'Gone in 60 seconds' and 'Desert People', and pays tribute to the rawness and spontaneity of these movies.

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Dim Reaper
James Gawthroupe

"The Dim Reaper"is a non-stop comedy that follows the misadventures of a young Grim Reaper who decides to be nice to his "customers" for a change. Boy does he learn...

Episodes from the Life of
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Paul Bush

Imagine that the camera is possessed with a psychosis similar to human schizophrenia; suppose that this disease subtly changes every single frame of film while leaving the narrative superficially intact. Then imagine that these symptoms came on as a result of the trauma of recording bizarre or horrific events, for instance those of the 1941 horror film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...

Evelyn: the cutest evil dead girl.
Brad Peyton

A darkly twisted comedy about a lonely dead girl who tries to bring herself back to life in order to make new friends.

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Evil Calls
John Bradford Goodman

Jonathan Black, a quiet high school boy, unwittingly accepts a dare to befirned an estranged and evil man. But Jonathan gets more than he bargained for when he must confront the evil within himself. Now he must not only fight for the survival of his soul, but also for his very sanity.

Extremism Breaks My Balls
Nicolas Debot

Voting for a right wing extremist party may seriously decrease your sexual performance.

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John Karliss/Andy Lalino

When beautiful news reporter Dana Diamond searches for the ultimate story, she gets more than she bargained for. On a riot-torn Halloween night (Devil's Night), Dana is lured into an old, decrepit house by a sadistic transient named Leonard, promising real-life violence she can capture on camera.

Inside, Dana endures the most brutal and unspeakable ordeal imaginable. Her terror crescendos as she is forced to take Leonard's hand in a twisted "Hallowedding" ceremony.

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Ed Brisson

Inspired by years of drudgery and minimum-wage slavery, "Graveyard" is the story of two under-appreciated bookstore clerks, their paranoid yuppie necromancer boss; anirrationally violent thief; a homeless guy; and the endless night-shift that brings them together.

Health Hazard
Pascal Trottier

A man is attacked by a mutating goo that spawns from his decrepit sink.

Paul Connor

A mysterious voice becomes one man's obsession, leading him down a perilous path toward his ultimate fate.

Hey! is the epic journey of a character in search of a phantom voice as he crosses through a city's varied geography and inside the urban trenches, seeking out the mysterious call. As his quest grows more feverish and intense, his curiosity turns to obsession. Hey! is a haunting filmic experience driven by a sweeping, propulsive score, in which the audience travels alongside the lead character across a surreal, sometimes nightmarish, landscape toward a dark and unnerving end.

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The Human BEEing
Tony Shea

A mad scientist is hired by an evil boss to turn his office of typists into worker bees.

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If Spielberg Made a Snuff Film
Todd McCammon and Linda K. Moroney

Certain film titles tell you everything you need to know. That is, they tell you everything that the filmmakers want you to know. "If Spielberg Made A Snuff Film" is not just the provocative title given this satirical short film; in lower cases, it's the premise.

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Patrick Tenascon

While the brutal murder of a young woman takes place in a deserted alleyway, Laurel, a young prostitute, leads her latest John into a seedy hotel room. The John is a mysterious, black-clad stranger. Money exchanges hands. The deal is done. Laurel prepares to render her services but the stranger is content to just sit and talk with her.

Laurel obliges. As their conversation begins she is jolted by a disturbing, vivid hallucination. It is the first of many to come. The stranger begins probing Laurel's past with incessant questions, dredging up painful memories from her childhood. With every wrenching question, Laurel's hallucinations become more and more disturbing. Is Laurel losing her grip on reality? Is all of it just a horrible nightmare?

Laurel finds the answers to these questions as she discovers the terrifying fate awaiting her, and just who the shadowy stranger is.

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Tomoya Sato

In the near future, apathy and decadence dominae human souls, committting suicides is no matter, like it's a dkind of fashion. L'Ilya, a female video producer, creates video clips featuring the moments people actually kill themselves, retouching the images with colors and music. Such a sensational subject gradually makes her an outstanding artist...

Midnight Sun
Jason Contino and Robert Harari

"Hell doesn't always wait for death...sometimes it is as close as the setting of the sun."

In the not so distant future, man has finally done the unthinkable. Global nuclear war has destroyed nearly everything on the planet. Derek, a survivor fearful of the outside, learns of the world's "progress" through news bulletins while barricaded away from what's left of civilization. But, evne though the war is over...thenightmae is just beginning. A mysterious virus has risen from the wreckages as a by-product of the weapons used in the attack. Thos infected are...changing. Soon, Derek will come fact to face with a terror so horrible, he'll wish he never survived the war.

A Nightmare On Castro Street
Joshua Grannell

There's a nightmare on Castro Street where gay no longer means 'happy'. Peaches Christ thought she was doing right by forcing her drunken gal pal Squeaky Blonde into rehab. When a sober Squeaky returns to Castro Street, old ghosts prove powerful and a terrifying relapse leads to a monstrous transformation!

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Off Duty
Blake Horobin

A rookie cop, recently shot on duty, goes for a weekend to the lake with a couple of street-hardened, veteran cops. While at the lake, the two veterans teach the rookie how they unwind when they are off-duty. This is an excellent short from a Calgary Filmmaker.

Jürgen Heimann

THE PUPHEDZ is a...uh...well, actually we shouldn't say what it is. That would spoil the surprise. Let's just say it's a spooky, whacked-out, ridiculous assault on your senses (or your sensibilities).

It's a show that has....... puppets! Yes, you heard right. Puppets! Can you believe it? They're not lame sock puppets and they're not those fuzzy, felt and foam frog and pig puppets we all know and love (but, frankly, are getting a little tired of). THE PUPHEDZ are intricately carved, wooden characters you'll get to know and love through their weird adventures. But, on the other hand, you might just want to kill them.

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Red Lines
Frazer Lee
Starring "Doug Bradley" aka "Pinhead"

Young schoolgirl Emily (KIRSTY LEVETT) has been caught running in the hallway again... She is kept in detention and is forced to write lines by her teacher (DOUG BRADLEY). All alone in the eerily quiet classroom, Emily's night becomes a nightmare when she discovers the mystery of the 'RED LINES'.

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Ya No Puede Caminar
Luiso Berdejo

Pacheco's father teaches him to overcome the repulsion he feels for animals.


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